EPDM rubber building products were developed in the late 1950's, specifically for the use in the construction industry of Middle East. The climate in the Middle East required a construction product that could withstand large temperature fluctuations. The product had to be flexible and remain stable at temperatures between -45 and +120° C. EPDM rubber turned out to be a very suitable product for this market .


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Grade Mooney Viscosity ML(1+4) at Ethylene Content (Wt%) ENB Content (Wt%) Oil (PHR) Characteristics Applications
  100°C 125°C 150°C          
S 501 A 44     52 4.0   Low Mooney Viscosity, Exceptionlly easy processing, Well suited for mill mixing Molding products complicated shaped products, gaskets. Electric parts
S 512 F   63   69 4.5   Ultra high molecular weight grade, High Ethylene polymer, A formulation incorpotating large quantities of filler and process oil is available Various Extrusion products, various mplded products
S 5206 F     62 60 8.5   High ENB grade, High Mooney, Excellent low temperature properties, Ultra fast cure rate Automotive sponge, Adiabatic sponge
S 537-2   40   57 3.0   High mechanical properties blending with IIR, Exceptionaliy easy pressing processing Tube, blend with IIR
S 552   84   58 4.0   Excellent low temperature properties, Very high molecular weight, High mechanical properties Molded and extruded automotive goods
S 553     72 62 4.5   High Mooney, high extendable grade, Excellent physical properties at high filler loading Extruded profiles, automotive exterior parts
S 5890 F     64 68 5.7   Well balanced between processability and physical properties, Excellent sharp stability in extruded profiles, well suited for mixing, good dispersion Automotive solid extrusions, Automotive industrial hose
S 600 F 63     66 4.0 100 High mechanical properties Low hardness compounds Molded and extruded automotive goods, Low hardness mixing
S 6090 F   55   70 5.7 50 High Mooney, Highly extendable grade, Exceptionally easy processing Automotive parts and extrusions profiles such as window seal, hose