Styrene-Butadiene-Rubber (SBR) is a synthetic rubber copolymer consisting of styrene and butadiene. It has good abrasion resistance and good aging stability when protected by additives, and is widely used in car tires, where it may be blended with natural rubber.

SBR is also widely used in pneumatic tires, shoe heels and soles, gaskets Etc . It is a commodity material which competes with natural rubber. SBR can be used to tank damp rooms or surfaces, a process in which the rubber is painted onto the entire surface forming a continuous, seamless damp proof liner; a typical example would be a basement. Additionally, it is used in some rubber cutting boards.


We Import SBR from countries like Korea, Japan and Russia with the most common grades imported being SBR 1502 and SBR 1712.

Note: Price may be negotiable as per order quantity and may vary irrespective of prior notice.