Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene Rubber (CSM 40)

We are affianced to provide Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene Rubber. This product is processed under the leadership of dexterous experts making use of advanced class chemical compounds and advanced techniques. The provided product is extremely admired among the patrons for its balanced composition and purity.

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Feature :

Products >> Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene rubber(CSM)
Brief introduction Chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber CSM(hypalon),is a kind of special rubber produced through chlorosulfonated polyethylene via chlorination reaction system,
The molecular chain is fully saturated, the sidegroup contains -CL and -SO2CL, usable for various vulcanizing curing system.CSM affords excellent features for dyeing, weather resistance, resistance to ozone, heat resistance, the anticorrosion chemical resistance, etc.
Molecular structure [-(CH2-CH2)x-(CH2-CH)y-(CH2-CH)z-]n

Specification :

  Type Mooney viscosity CI Content% Sulphur content% Vdaf% Outward appearance
Technical data









≤1.0 White, light yellow flakes
CSM affords excellent features for dyeing, weather resistance, resistance to ozone, heat resistance, the anti corrosion chemical resistance, wearproof, anti flaming,etc, is widely applied among electric wire and cable, car industry, anti-corrosion coating, industrial products and rubber modified.
1. Electric wire and cable: CSM is the ideal cable sheath for various types of electric wire and cable,it has more heat resistance than Chloroprene rubber(CR).
2. Car Industry: In the car industry, CSM is mainly applied for rubber tubes of fuel,transfusion,exhausting,vacuum regulating system.
3. Anti Corrosion coating: CSM can be used for chemical industry equipment, steel and bridge, cement building and component for surface Anti Corrosion, waterproof, seepage control project of the painting.
4. Industrial products: CSM can be used in the manufacture of the special properties of the tube,belt and sealing elements products.
5. Rubber modified: CSM can be mixed with other rubber, to change the performance of mixed rubber.